Rocket Sales – A Four Step Plan

Need to grow sales? Not sure where to start?

Based on more than 25 years of professional sales and marketing experience, we have developed a four-step action plan to help clients:

  • Increase qualified leads
  • Develop robust sales pipeline
  • Improve sales revenue results
  • Streamline sales processes
  • Decrease sales cycle time & Decrease costs

Rocket Sales Offerings: 

  • Marketing Maven: Leverage proven marketing best practices to increase marketing results.
  • Pipeline Producer: Professional B2B lead gen and phone-based business development help to secure conversations with qualified buyers.
  • Revenue Rocket: Remove obstacles to sales. Strategy, planning, and consulting services to increase revenue, streamline processes, and reduce costs.
  • Sales Support Services : Coaching / Training / CRM Administration; Reduce your overhead by outsourcing select marketing or sales functions to a trusted expert.

Details of each Program: 

1. Marketing Maven

Using proven demand generation best practices, we help you quickly promote brand awareness, improve marketing results, and quickly identify and “warm up” interested leads.

The Marketing Maven process includes:

  • Identify target buyer profile
  • Research/Source marketing list to match buyer profile
  • Set up CRM as needed (fields, drop downs, views, etc.); Import marketing list into CRM system
  • Develop value added content for email marketing campaigns
  • Execute email marketing campaigns on regularly scheduled basis
  • Hand off resulting leads to internal sales staff for follow-up within 48 hours; 24 hours for inbound leads
  • Gather & analyze ROI/results – Tweak campaigns as needed

2. Pipeline Producer

We can help you secure conference calls or meetings with qualified buyers. Leverage our professional B2B lead gen and business development experts to increase the number of qualified leads in your sales pipeline.

The Pipeline Producer process includes: 

  • Outbound phone-based business development follow up on all email marketing “hand raisers”
  • Develop value-based offers for use in phone-based follow-up
  • Develop Salesforce email templates to nurture prospects through sales process
  • Build out of sales prospect pipeline
  • Develop prospect profiles for use in more targeted email campaigns
  • Nurture-to-close or hand-off qualified leads to internal sales reps/management for close

3. Revenue Rocket

Remove obstacles to sales. Includes sales strategy, planning, and consulting services to streamline/improve key aspects of your sales & marketing strategy and processes. 

Revenue Rocket options include:

  • Executive Coaching – 3, 5, 10-year business goals & exit strategy discussion
  • Sales & Marketing strategy development to align with growth goals
  • Determine “Where to play” – Competitive Analysis;  Refine unique value proposition
  • SWOT analysis of sales team – Identify gaps & develop coaching plan accordingly
  • Sales Process Improvement – map and align marketing/sales processes with growth goals
  • Salesforce CRM Administration: System setup; Create custom fields, pick lists, dashboards, reports, views
  • Align all marketing/sales content: Website, PDFs, Proposals, Email templates, Case studies, etc.

4. “No Lead Left Behind” – Sales Support Services

Stop leaving opportunities on the table! We offer ongoing sales support services to continue to nurture qualified leads through the sales cycle to close.

Optional Support Services

  • Ongoing Lead Nurturing & Business Development Support:

Do you have limited in-house resources to nurture and develop qualified leads that are “not yet ready to buy”? Let us help. In our “No Lead Left Behind” program, our expert bus dev team will continue to nurture and stay in touch with qualified leads until they are ready to buy.

Keep your sales pipeline healthy at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

  • Technology Support:

Salesforce CRM Administration Support – Outsource your Salesforce CRM database administration needs. We can create custom fields, pick lists, email templates, lead nurture workflows, reports and more. Inform business decisions with improved reporting capabilities. Meanwhile, continue to more effectively manage and nurture qualified sales leads until they are ready to buy.

Email Marketing System Support – MailChimp, Constant Contact

We can improve your sales reps’ performance by providing sales coaching and training. 

We look forward to the opportunity to learn about your business and determine how we can help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today: 888-887-0556


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