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Professional Sales Consulting Services
We offer more than 25 years experience in consultative selling and a unique educational approach to sales, bringing value to every call.

SunStream offers a variety of professional sales and marketing services from strategic planning to implementation. Our approach to sales is based on identifying and meeting the clients’ needs via an educational, “value-based offer.” We help you bring value to every prospect call, thereby building trust and rapport quickly, while improving your sales effectiveness and results.

We offer the following services to help you meet your goals:

Our capabilities span from strategic planning to tactical execution of sales and marketing plans:

Pre-sales Planning
Strategic sales planning and implementation
Target market definition
Unique value proposition development
Value-based offer development
Marketing/messaging content development
Campaign development and implementation

Lead Development & Nurturing
Phone based business development
Lead generation campaigns
Script development and testing
Pipeline development
Lead nurturing
Ongoing account management, review and assessment Administration

Sales & Marketing Content Development 
Email Marketing Campaigns
Sales Tool Development / Script Messaging & Testing
Website revision (WordPress)
Landing Page Development

Sales Training & Coaching
Sales training & education; Sales process consulting
Sales & business coaching

Strategic Planning & Executive Coaching

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