Sales Training & Coaching


Sales reps lack knowledge or skills to perform their jobs efficiently and successfully.


Assess each rep’s sales strengths/weaknesses.

Raise up the capability of each sales rep via training, knowledge-based sharing, and one-on-one coaching to increase sales revenue and decrease sales c in less time.

Training/coaching topics and tools may include:

  • Sales 101 – the Basics for new reps
  • Solution Selling – Becoming a “Trusted Advisor”
  • Objection-Deflection
  • Buyer Types
  • Probing Questions / Active Listening
  • Closing Techniques
  • Optimizing use of Salesforce CRM system
  • Knowledge-sharing (Train-the-Trainer)
  • Roll-playing
  • Goal-Link© – Cloud-based software used to increase sales results by tracking and linking one’s personal and professional goals.


  • Increase confidence of the sales team to better maneuver through sales conversations
  • Improve ability to overcome objections and move deals through process to close
  • Reduce sales cycle time
  • Increase average revenue per sale
  • Increase % of repeat business

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