Ready to take your business to the next level? We’re here to help you get there…

In business since 2001, we work with B2B and non-profit organizations, providing professional marketing and business consulting services.

We help organizations improve marketing, sales, and business results. From strategic planning to tactical implementation, our services are designed to support your growth goals.

Simply stated:

We help communicate your message to the people who need it most in a way they can understand and act on.

Jae-ann’s real value is her ability to grasp complex concepts, boil them down, and present them in a compelling way…” 

Robert Croston, Vice President & Principal Consultant
RAIN Group

The Challenges We Address 


  • Do you need to improve marketing results?
  • Have you hit a growth plateau?
  • Are you looking for an outsourced solution to create content and/or manage your marketing efforts?
  • Do you lack the resources and/or knowledge to launch a strategic, sustained sales and marketing effort?
  • Is your messaging too complex? Does it need to be refined and made clear for your audience?


  • Do you seek ways to develop new business beyond referrals?
  • Are prospects getting “stuck” in your sales pipeline?
  • Do you lack cost-effective technologies to improve sales results?
  • Does your sales team need coaching/training?

We understand these challenges…and we have the SOLUTIONS to address them. 

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