We help businesses increase sales revenue and dramatically improve business efficiencies.

SunStream Consulting helps professional B2B service organizations improve sales, marketing, and business processes to achieve lasting results. From strategic planning, to tactical implementation, our services are designed to support your revenue growth goals.

“…Jae-ann’s involvement in sales, marketing, and operations has had a DIRECT and lasting positive impact on the company’s bottom line. From leading a Salesforce CRM conversion project, to streamlining sales processes, recommending new business strategies, and providing sales and executive coaching…Jae-ann’s efforts at MTG have really paid off…”

– Pat Ryan, President, Mentor Tech Group, Inc.

We help companies:

  • DRIVE TOP-LINE REVENUE GROWTH using advanced sales generation tactics
  • IMPROVE NET PROFITS by streamlining efficiencies and improving processes

The Challenges We Address: 

  • Are you struggling to grow your business?
  • Have you hit a growth plateau?
  • Do you seek new ways to develop business beyond referrals, friends, and/or family?
  • Do you lack the resources and/or knowledge to launch a strategic, sustained sales and marketing effort?
  • Are prospects getting “stuck” in your sales pipeline?
  • Do you lack cost-effective technologies to improve results?

We understand these challenges…and we have the SOLUTIONS to address them. To learn more about our approach to improve sales, please click here.

Serving B2B service providers since 2001. To learn more, please contact us today: 888-887-0556, or email: JRock@sunstreamgroup.com



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