Demand Generation

The CHALLENGE: Demand Generation

To generate more qualified leads within key target markets.


Identify unique value/differentiators; Design demand generation strategy & plans to increase qualified leads

  • Gather and assess content assets
    • Marketing/sales content – Refine or develop new
    • Interview key stakeholders & subject matter experts
  • Review/assess/source lists
  • Conduct competitive analysis & determine “where to play”
  • Define and clarify unique value differentiators; Establish brand
  • Develop Value-based Offers per target market
  • Email & Phone based campaigns
    • Develop content, source list, create call-to-action
    • Execute email campaigns and phone-based follow up
  • Social Media Basics (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)


  • Increase pipeline activity
  • Increase the number of qualified leads
  • Increase brand awareness & position in the marketplace

If you need to increase demand generation and produce more qualified leads, we can help.

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