Marketing Strategy & Content Development

What’s in your Marketing & Sales Toolkit?


Lack of effective marketing strategy and planning, combined with inadequate content and tools to interest and engage prospects throughout the buying process.


1.) Strategy – Formulate a well planned and integrated marketing approach, to leverage social media, email marketing, trade shows, and creative marketing ideas to generate market demand to support your sales efforts.

2.) Content – Develop engaging content that speaks to your target audience, creating brand awareness, actionable “calls-to-action,” and ultimately, more qualified prospects for your sales team.

  • Determine unique value and real client benefits achieved with your offering.
  • Develop compelling clarity in all messaging and sales content.
  • Assess, revamp, and/or develop marketing and sales content to increase results in all aspects of the sales cycle:
    • PDFs/sell-sheets
    • Website Analysis – UI, content, flow
    • Client Testimonials
    • Case Studies / White Papers
    • Landing pages
    • Blog articles
    • Social Media content
    • Specialty tool development (ROI calculator, etc.)
    • Sales script development/testing


  • Increase number of qualified leads through demand generation tactics
  • Build a more robust, sustainable sales pipeline
  • Increase sales results
  • Improve sales efficiencies
  • Streamline sales discussions as a result of message clarity and available sales tools (i.e. “There’s a Tool for that!”)

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