Executive Coaching Benefits

Executive Coaching

Small business owners can benefit greatly from the use of an executive coach. Our executive coaching sessions help you step above the day-to-day business operations periodically, encouraging and guiding you to think more strategically about your business.

Business coaching/consulting can help you:

  • Learn new marketing and business skills
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Prioritize tasks so you know what to tackle first
  • Inspire sustainable focus, clarity and accountability
  • Identify key areas of opportunity for business growth or optimization
  • Establish specific business goals
  • Better balance your personal and professional life
  • Set and follow through on goals
  • Increase your self-confidence

Is coaching worthwhile?

Using a business coach can increase your profit margin by an average of 46%!  As a matter of fact, one recent SunStream client saw a 50% increase in sales within the first year of instituting regular executive and sales coaching.

The International Coach Federation surveyed 210 coaching clients for feedback about the value of the coaching they had received.

Business owners report the following coaching outcomes: 

  • 62% believed they were better at smarter goal-setting
  • 60% reported a more balanced life and lower stress levels
  • 52% cited having more self-confidence
  • 43% noted an improvement in their quality of life
  • 26% reported higher income as a direct result of receiving coaching

More than 80% of the respondents had undergraduate degrees and over 30% had Master’s degrees or higher. All had used a coach regularly for an average of 9 months. Business coaching is used by many well-schooled executives, who know that using a business coach improves brainstorming abilities, goal-setting and attainment, work/life balance, and overall management of their business.

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