Client Testimonials

“Jae-ann’s real value is her ability to grasp complex concepts, boil them down, and present them in a compelling way. Her professionalism elevates the sales profession and enables her to consistently develop qualified leads with C-level prospects – high level leads that she builds into relationships and nurtures until the elusive time of need.” 

Robert Croston
Vice President & Principal Consultant
RAIN Group


“Jae-ann is truly a professional. Always positive, organized, and brings high attention to detail to every project she manages. In addition, she is a quick learner. We worked together on a Salesforce implementation project where she coordinated a team that was located in five different locations, all with unique opinions on what the project required. During the same project, Jae-ann assumed the responsibilities of Salesforce Administrator without missing a beat. It was my pleasure to work with her and I would highly recommend her for business acumen, project management, and knowing Salesforce.

Mike Teegen
Strategic Growth, Inc.


“Jae-ann worked for The Devon Nicole House Foundation as our outsourced VP of Marketing. Her work came at a critical time period in which we needed to raise the funds for opening the Devon Nicole House at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Her help was instrumental in our success! Jae-ann is a bright, insightful, and knowledgeable professional. She is also very personable and has a strong ability to connect with people.”

Thomas Missert
Devon Nicole House at Boston Children’s Hospital


“We worked with Jae-ann to help grow our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development practice. Her marketing and lead generation guidance and execution were extremely helpful in leading us to grow significantly over several years. We realized a HUGE positive ROI from our work with Jae-ann which resulted in tremendous growth and increase in revenue.”

Managing Partner
Robert Gregory Partners


“Since hiring Jae-ann as our outsourced CMO several years ago, she has become an integral part of our sales and marketing management team, taking on numerous projects to improve our business.

Jae-ann’s work ethic, integrity, and persistence in striving for EXCELLENCE at all times is a breath of fresh air! She is a self-starter. Needing little to no direction, her involvement in sales, marketing, and operations at Mentor Tech Group has had a DIRECT and lasting impact on the company. She intuitively knows what to work on next to positively impact the bottom line. From leading a Salesforce CRM conversion project, to streamlining sales processes, recommending new business strategies, and providing sales and executive coaching…

She is an integral part of our team at MTG. Her efforts have really paid off and are greatly appreciated by our entire team. Jae-ann is truly a one-in-a-million find!”

Pat Ryan
Mentor Tech Group, Inc.


“Jae-ann was a sales consultant/representative for our firm for several years. She was diligent, persistent, and professional in her role and represented us very well.”

George Huntley
Theoris Engineering, LLC


“Being a UK-based company, we were looking for a way to break into the US market before setting up a US office by using somebody that could fully comprehend our solution and its target audience, as well as engage in sensible conversations with senior leadership individuals within our targeted corporates.  As you can imagine, this brief was way beyond the offering of most telesales operations. 

Luckily, Jae-ann was recommended to us and she did a phenomenal job developing interest within key accounts, and opened the door to numerous discussions with key players in our target US market.  I strongly recommend Jae-ann for any sales related project, as she demonstrates the highest level of professionalism, fully understands concepts and the use of technology for business, and will also facilitate the meetings she sets up as part of your team, which makes everything flow so much more smoothly.  It could take you years to find somebody this good…”

Simon Mormen
Managing Director and Founder
Atomus (UK company)


Jae-ann is the consummate professional, providing small businesses with remarkable big business acumen. Her giftedness serves her well with new potential clients where cold leads quickly become warm and receptive. Jae-ann has mastered interpersonal communication skills where she works well with a team, but she is also a tremendously focused self-starter. She is a quick learner due to her great listening and processing skills, which in turn affords her a unique skill set of being able to articulate services offered by her clients or linking a service or product to a potential customer. 

Jae-ann’s gifted ability to seek out key decision-makers in any organization positions her as a major asset to any business wishing to grow their company with new growth and opportunities. She converts uninterested cold leads into fruitful calls. Because of Jae-ann’s years of business acumen and development, she also has the ability to hear the unspoken words during a prospect call, allowing for a more vibrant discussion which is essential for small businesses seeking growth through new business opportunities.  I am privileged and honored to extend the highest recommendation on Jae-ann’s behalf.”

Trooper Todd McGhee (Ret)
Managing Partner
Protecting the Homeland Innovations, LLC


“Jae-ann helped me put together a marketing and sales plan and establish a web presence. She was proactive, learned quickly what my business was and generated ideas and solutions. Even after her contract was completed, she continues to send me ideas and suggestions. She has a broad background in business, sales and marketing which she brings to the table to help clients.”

Frank Ruffing
IHS Software, LLC


“I’ve worked with Jae-ann on several business development projects… She is a master of developing new business relationships, creating opportunities, and ushering them to proposal and beyond. I highly recommend her.”

Mark Fortune
Secutor Lead Generation


“Jae-ann is a remarkable businesswoman with experienced-based instincts that blow you away. Her results-oriented focus on sales and marketing objectives guarantees success on any project, big and small. 

When you work with Jae-ann, she brings out the best in you and your team. She knows how to run with big ideas and bold missions, and is fearless in her approach. What’s more, Jae-ann brings a level of mastery, confidence, and top-notch integrity to everything she does.”

Lani Voivod
Epiphanies, Inc.


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