Sales Coaching Benefits

The link between good sales coaching and improved sales performance has been well documented in recent years.

A Global Sales Coaching Survey, conducted by the Forum Corporation and the Sales Management Association, found:

  • High performing firms provide 15 to 20 percent more coaching than under-performing firms.
  • Coaching tops the list of investments that most impact sales effectiveness.

The Basics of Effective Sales Coaching:

  • Sales managers should spend at least 25 percent of their time coaching their direct reports – with 2-4 hours spent in one-on-one meetings with each rep every week.
  • The key to effective coaching is asking the right questions to prompt a rep to think of their own answers in how they might be able to do things differently.
  • The person being coached should feel empowered to make change to positively change the outcomes of their own situation.

Effective coaching can be empowering and motivational, raising both a sales rep’s self-esteem, job satisfaction, and sales results!

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