Rocket Sales – A Four Step Plan

Helping clients grow profitably via sales, marketing, and business consulting. We employ a combination of industry best practices, technology, and 25+ years of professional sales experience to help B2B clients GROW. 

Specialized in marketing and sales consulting for professional service organizations, we have developed a four-step action plan, leveraging our strengths to help clients:

  • Outsource aspects of the sales/marketing process to an expert
  • Improve overall marketing and sales results:
    • Establish proven, results-oriented lead gen and business development processes
    • Streamline sales processes to reduce sales cycle time and decrease costs
    • Assess & coach sales reps to improve individual results
    • Ensure optimization of CRM system setup and reporting to inform business decisions
  • Train & Mentor your team to execute the Rocket Sales model

Rocket Sales Overview: 4 Steps to Drive Growth

  • Revenue Rocket: Remove obstacles to sales. Strategy, planning, and consulting services to streamline sales processes and increase net revenue.

  • Marketing Maven: Leverage proven marketing best practices to increase lead gen & marketing results.

  • Pipeline Producer: Professional B2B lead gen and phone-based business development help to capitalize on results of marketing efforts and secure conversations with qualified buyers.

  • No Lead Left Behind – Sales Support Services: Sales Coaching and Training; CRM Administration; Training and Mentoring to execute the Rocket Sales system.

1. Revenue Rocket

This program helps remove obstacles to sales. From sales strategy to tactical planning, our consulting services are designed to streamline sales and marketing strategy and processes to dramatically improve results.

Options include:

  • Business goals and strategy discussion and planning (1, 3, 5-year goals)
  • Sales & Marketing strategy development to align with business goals and drive growth
  • Competitive Analysis – Determine “Where to play”;  Refine value proposition
  • Align all marketing/sales content with value prop: Website, PDFs, Proposals, Email templates, Case studies, etc.
  • SWOT Analysis – Identify sales team gaps/strengths; develop coaching plans
  • Sales Process Improvement – Map and align sales processes with growth goals
  • Salesforce CRM Administration: Identify ways to quickly optimize your CRM system, allowing you to get more ROI for your Salesforce investment. 

2. Marketing Maven

Using proven demand generation best practices, we help you quickly develop brand awareness, improve marketing results, and develop interested leads.

The Marketing Maven includes the following options:

  • Identify target buyer profile
  • Research and source marketing lists to match target buyer profile
  • Set up CRM system (fields, picklists, views, reporting, etc.); Import marketing list into CRM system
  • Develop value-added content messaging for use in email marketing campaigns
  • Execute email marketing campaigns on a regularly scheduled basis
  • Handoff resulting leads to internal sales staff for follow-up within 48 hours
  • Gather & analyze ROI/results – use to inform next steps.

3. Pipeline Producer

Leverage our professional B2B lead gen and business development services to increase the number of qualified leads in your sales pipeline. 

The Pipeline Producer includes:

  • Assessment of sales current sales process and available sales tools
  • Outbound phone-based follow-up on all email marketing “hand-raisers” to test value-based offers
  • Create sales workflow process to increase conversion rates:
    • Develop additional value-based offers for use in phone-based and email marketing follow-up
    • Salesforce email template creation to nurture prospects through the sales process
    • Determine/map the sales process & steps
    • Develop sales prospect pipeline
    • Train and handoff phone-based follow-up to internal staff
  • Prospect profiling and content development for targeted email campaigns
  • Nurture-to-close or hand off qualified leads to internal sales reps/management for close

4. “No Lead Left Behind” – Sales Support Services

Stop leaving opportunities on the table! We offer ongoing sales support services to continue to nurture qualified leads through the sales cycle to close.

  • Ongoing Lead Nurturing & Business Development Support:
    • Do you have limited in-house resources to nurture and develop qualified leads that are “not yet ready to buy”? Let us help.
    • We will help you develop lead nurture programs to stay in touch with qualified leads until they are ready to buy.
  • Sales Coaching/Training: Improve your sales team’s performance by using our sales coaching and training programs. Leveraging 25+ years of experience to help you improve results!
  • Salesforce CRM Support – Leverage your Salesforce CRM database to continue to improve results.
    • Create custom fields, pick lists, email templates, lead nurture workflows, reports and more.
    • Inform business decisions with improved reporting capabilities.
    • More effectively manage and nurture qualified sales leads until they are ready to buy.
  • Email Marketing Support – Establish a content-driven email marketing program, from strategy to execution, using industry best practices. Outsource to an expert…Call SunStream Group today. 

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your goals and where we can assist.

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