Sales Process Improvement


Sales processes are often redundant or inefficient, wasting valuable time and money. Is your sales organization struggling to stay on top of opportunities, moving them efficiently through the sales process to close?


Our sales process improvement solution is a two-step process to insure success:

1.) Document/map sales processes; identify and eliminate the waste

2.) Optimize your Salesforce CRM system, adding critical custom fields and reports to improve sales efficiencies.

Sales Process Consulting

  • Document existing sales processes
  • Identify inefficiencies including rework, wasted time, “stuck” or “lost” opportunities
  • Develop action plan to streamline all aspects of the sales process
  • Coach others to implement changes

Most companies can benefit from a CRM assessment, to determine ways to optimize their Salesforce CRM system to improve overall sales results. Let’s face it – most small companies using Salesforce have barely scratched the surface regarding the power of its reporting and tracking capabilities. We can help identify ways to quickly optimize your CRM system, allowing you to get more ROI for your Salesforce investment.

Salesforce CRM Optimization

  • Identify user requirements (Individual and management reporting needs)
  • Add or customize fields to meet stated needs
  • Define/create reports and dashboards
  • Develop and implement Salesforce email templates
  • Train users on customized features
  • Train management on reporting functions


  • Improve sales efficiency, lead conversion rates and close ratios
  • Increase value-added sales activity
  • Shorten sales cycle time
  • Decrease lost opportunities
  • Improve management’s view into sales analytics to inform business decisions

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