3 Ways to Refresh Your B2B Marketing Efforts by Jae-ann Rock

Struggling to engage more prospects? If so, you may need to rethink your B2B marketing approach.

Let’s look at 3 ways to refresh your B2B marketing efforts to increase success!

1.) Provide Value-Added Content

Don’t skip this one! We regularly see companies make mistakes in this critical area. 

First – Value-added content is FREE content that is helpful, insightful, educational, or informative.

  • What are common industry challenges or issues?
  • What are industry-related news feeds or social media feeds buzzing about?
  • What industry trends are emerging? 
  • Is it helpful or inspiring to my prospects?
  • Is it relevant and timely?
  • Is it engaging – capable of sparking conversation?

The key is to develop content that piques people’s interest. It should make your target audience stop and take notice for a moment.

How do you know what matters to your audience? Find out! Research industry trending topics to gather content ideas. Interview existing customers and subject matter experts to identify hot topics. 

Here are some content ideas to get you started: 

  • Industry trends/insights
  • Explore common industry challenges or issues
  • Best practices in X
  • Results of research
  • “Tips & Tricks”

Engaging ways to deliver your content:

  • Webinars/Podcasts

      • Invite prospects to attend an educational webinar or podcast.
      • Offer curriculum-based information of value to assist prospects in resolving common challenges, or provide business tips to increase sales or decrease costs.
  • E-Newsletter or Blog

      • Develop a content-rich blog, with topics targeted to your industry. Be sure to update this blog at least once a month to keep your company looking fresh and relevant!
      • Send an e-newsletter regularly, once or twice a month, to a targeted list of industry contacts.
  • Case Studies

      • Did you know that 69%* of B2B marketers at small and mid-sized companies rated case studies as very effective marketing content, followed by “in-person” events? (*Content Marketing Institute, B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks)
      • Case studies act as an in-depth testimonial, bolstering credibility and elevating your brand within your industry.
      • Use impactful case studies in your lead nurturing campaigns. Demonstrate the benefits and results achieved by others using your services.
  • White Papers

    • Develop an insightful white paper and make it available for download. Follow up on all downloads via phone within 48 hours for best results!
    • Provide industry-related tips, ideas, and/or education to assist your prospects in common areas of pain. 

2.) Send Targeted Campaigns

  • Categorize your prospects by industry, area of responsibility, geography, the solution required, company size, or other variables.
  • Create targeted campaigns: 
    • By company revenue
    • By # employees
    • By industry
    • By geography
    • Prior topic engagement
  • Next, create targeted content according to your list segments. Address common areas of need or interest that exist in this group.
  • Build a connection in a more targeted, personal way.
  • Include a call-to-action to create more engagement – resulting in more business development discussions. 

3.) Time for a List Refresh? 

You may not realize it, but your in-house database probably has a significant amount of inaccurate data, leading to poor marketing results. Most lists average a 30+% decay rate every 4 months. Unless someone is actively updating your database, it likely contains A LOT of outdated information.

I have worked in sales and marketing for 25+ years. One fast and proven way to increase sales pipeline activity is to add a high-quality, targeted list of contacts to your outreach efforts. Doing so can literally increase your sales pipeline activity by 25% or more within two months!  

SO – Add NEW Decision-Maker Leads to your outreach efforts to increase results.

But, when purchasing a lead list, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • How is the data compiled, and WHO is compiling it?
  • How often is the data updated?
  • Does the information provide specific job functions (not just titles)?
  • Is each person in the database involved in influencing or making decisions?
  • What are the restrictions for use? (One-time use, no emailing, etc.)

*4.) BONUS tip: Repetitive Exposure is key

Not everyone will be ready to buy today – which is exactly why you must communicate with them regularly. You must stay in front of them consistently, in a way that adds VALUE at every touch. Communicating value-added content every month is critical to selling prospects of all time horizons.

Remember…GREAT marketing campaigns accomplish three things:

  1. Create a sales pipeline of qualified prospects (ready to buy)
  2. Build and grow awareness of your company/solution (branding)
  3. Communicate your message consistently (repetitive exposure

Follow the steps outlined above to refresh your B2B marketing strategy TODAY. The result?

  • Create brand awareness with your prospects on a consistent basis
  • Create a favorable image of your company/solution
  • Achieve repetitive exposure for less money
  • Ensure you invest time ONLY with qualified prospects
  • Empower you to measure the results of your marketing campaigns

If you need help with your B2B marketing refresh, please contact us. We can help you with any of the recommendations listed above. It’s what we DO!

Contact us today at 888-887-0556. Leave a message and we’ll get right back to you!

Happy marketing!